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From the tepidarium, you move the hot baths (calidarium 45°- 100% humidity) where you will experience the real “steam bath”; here the strong heat aids in calming the mind to the point that you feel yourself asleep.
The steam improves circulation and is also good for the lungs, helps to fight common cold, flu and rheumatic pains. The sweating removes toxins and excess water in the body. Following the hot baths, you will experience a vigorous body scrub, made by our attendants, with the traditional Hammam glove.

AcquaMadre Hammam Roma, The Calidarium

Finally you will enter the cold bath (frigidarium 28°), which acts as a skin and muscle toner. The hammam ends in the relax room where you can enjoy our special herb tea.

AcquaMadre Hammam Roma, the Frigidarium


A two-hour treatment once or twice a week is recommended. Please check with your physician before using Hammam if you have heart or circulatory problems.
It is recommended to eat a light meal before coming to the Hammam and drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the body after the treatment.
The Hammam is an appropriate habit in the winter because it prevents cold and flu, but also during the summer it regulates the body temperature giving a pleasant and refreshing sensation in the hottest days.
We also provide other treatments such as a green clay mask for the entire body or the face, Dead Sea salt scrubs, and a slimming Dead Sea mud treatment.
On your first visit, you need our basic kit which provides a pair of flip-flops and a traditional glove. The treatment package fee are listed in the "hour and prices" web page.


Acquamadre chiude per ferie.

Il nostro negozio on line rimane aperto per i vostri acquisti. Ci rivediamo a Settembre.


Acquamadre chiude per ferie, ci rivediamo a Settembre.
Il nostro negozio on line rimane aperto per i vostri acquisti.
Tutti i buoni regalo acquistati prima del 22 Maggio, 2020 sono stati prorogati automaticamente di 12 mesi.

We are closed for holiday, see you on September.
Our on line shop is steel open.
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