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All AcquaMadre products are natural and suitable for sensitive skins

The Rassoul is a powder of desert origin with incredible purifying and toning properties. Used as a mask for the body and combined with rose water for the face, it cleans and softens the skin, has a firming effect, it absorbs and purify. Ideal for a gentle exfoliation, it stimulates tissue regeneration, removes dead skin cells and restores radiance to the skin.

This treatment has a purifying and detoxifying effect, it increases the supply of oxygen due to the high concentration of salts and minerals, together with honey, it ensures a deep and sweet cleanse. It has a revitalizing and toning effect and gives firmness and elasticity to the skin of the face.

This natural treatment rich in minerals has many healing properties because it slowly releases heat on contact with the skin. This rich mud is extremely beneficial for all treatments, dissolving painful muscle spasms and tension, both for cosmetic treatments and to promote the drainage of liquids. Thanks to its absorbent components that remove all impurities, it allows a deep cleansing of the skin giving it a healthy and relaxed tone.

True elixir of beauty this natural butter has exceptional properties that help keep the skin soft and supple by providing the necessary intake of vitamin A, D, E, F. Enriched with Argan oil, known for its anti-wrinkle and nourishing properties, it is applied at the end hammam for toning and moisturizing .


A relaxing massage, thanks to a soft touch, slow and enveloping, promotes relaxation and balancing body and mind. The approach is extremely sweet and light, it gradually helps to ease tension and stress-related fatigue, stretching the muscle tissues and detoxifying the body. The deep relaxation that follows makes this massage warm and cozy like an embrace.

This massage responds to the need to relax and relieve mental and physical tension and helps to ease painful contractions by acting on the muscles and the connective tissues, re-aligning them correctly and finally promoting the recovery of a sense of true well-being. The result is an improvement of the elasticity of the muscles. Ideal both before and after exercise.

This massage maintains tissue elasticity and prevents aging. The maneuvers are carried out in order to facilitate the return of blood, venous and lymphatic systems, by acting on nerve endings and on the muscle spindles. It promotes the reabsorption of liquids. It has also a beneficial effects on the cells giving them more oxygen and detoxifying them, this improves the appearance of skin which returns to its natural elasticity.

In addition to the classical extension of the whole body, this massage devotes particular attention to the contractions of the back and the lumbar area. Featuring relaxing and stretching maneuvers, it helps to ease tension and pain. Essential oils are precious fluids, natural extracts of countless varieties of plants, they give you energy and care for your skin and are good for the body and the spirit. They have countless holistic and aromatherapeutic properties known throughout the world for their value, being highly volatile they reach our senses easyly providing a distensive action and relax.

The lymphatic drainage has the purpose of draining the accumulated fluids of the lymphatic system. Through slow maneuvers and delicate increases of the scroll speed of the lymph it eliminates the excess fluids in different parts of the body. It lowers the cellulite. We at least one cycle of 10 massages. Our masseuses will advise on the duration of the session.

It's a technique of Chinese medicine developed in Japan and aims to restore energy balance. Shiatsu considers man, in fact, as a system composed of mental and physical interdependent energy elements, and the absence of health as a loss of balance between these elements. It is based on constant finger and hand palm pressure along the energy meridians. It's indicated in the treatment of joints diseases, headaches inflammation and trauma. It may in some cases successfully treat gastrointestinal disorders and the menstrual cycle, insomnia, anxiety and depression. We recommend two massages per week for at least a month.

The ancient art of the Kahuna Hawaiian masters massage, "Lomi Lomi" brings harmony of body, mind and spirit. For Hawaiians the concept of energy flow is essential because the body and spirit are linked. The Hawaiian massage acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and muscular systems. Particular attention is paid to the treatment of the joints. The slow movements performed with hands and forearms bring relaxation and serenity. The massage is often accompanied by the use of special essences and traditional music.

Ayurvedic medicine (Science of life) was born in India 3,000 years ago and is based on a concept of "holistic" approach that considers the human body inseparable from the mind. Its main purpose is to restore the body's balance. It's considered a great tool to combat stress and a good enhancer of natural defenses. Among the most important properties of this massage are the activation of blood circulation and the beneficial action on the entire spine and nervous system. With the Ayurvedic massage you can gradually get back in touch with the deepest part of yourself, that's why the Ayurvedic massage is also called "the massage of the Soul".

Specific energy channels that run through the body are stimulated through acupressure. The therapist follows a "map" of these points starting from the toes and ending at the bead. Connecting the painful reflex points to a particular organ, malaise can be treated at all times through acupressure. The scope of reflexology is vast, ranging from the treatment of depression and stress to digestive problems, menstrual cycle, painful cystitis and headaches. We recommend two massages per week for at least two to three months.

ARGAN OIL MASSAGE (Body and face)
Argan oil has a deep anti-aging property which makes the skin of the face and body soft and supple. Rare, precious and with antioxidant properties, argan oil activates the vital functions of cells and restructures the basic skin thus reducing wrinkles. Moisturizing, nourishing and balancing,the oil is non-greasy and is absorbed quickly. Obtained from the kernels of the Argan Tree, typical of the south-western regions of Morocco , it's been used for thousands of years for its countless cosmetics virtues.

True elixir of beauty, this natural product has exceptional properties that help keep the skin soft and supple by providing the necessary intake of vitamins A, D, E, F. Shea butter is native to parts of West Africa and is extracted from the nuts of the Shea wild plant. It has exceptional moisturizing, emollient , nourishing, protecting and healing properties. With the use of Shea is possible to combine different types of massage: relaxing, invigorating or circulatory massages.

The Rosehip Oil is known for its regenerating properties since it contains fatty acids which are essential for tissue renewal. It's particularly suitable to combat skin imperfections such as stretch marks, small scars and marks caused by excessive exposure to sun. It's a natural cosmetic oil extracted by the flower of a shrub which is very common in cold climates of the Andes in South America. Its rich composition and ease of absorption make it suitable for the most sensitive areas of the body. The massage starts from the face and then treats the neck and the decolté to which high attention is paid before passing to the rest of the body with soothing maneuvers.

Paths of Wellness

Hammam - face and body Aloe Vera and snail serum treatment with Aloe Vera massage.

The snail serum enriched Aloe Vera Wellness Path is rich in vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids. A real supplement for the skin, 100% natural.
The traditional Hammam will gently exfoliate the skin by peeling. The perfectly cleansed skin will then be ready for the application of an Aloe face and body mask enriched with snail serum. This beauty treatment is characterized by its strong antioxidant properties due to the presence of glycolic acid naturally contained in the snail serum.
Aloe Vera, already known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, counteracts the degeneration of the skin by naturally stimulating the synthesis of elastin.
The Wellness Path will end with a body and face massage with Aloe enriched with snail serum. A real natural supplement for the skin of the face and body.
At the end complimentary mint tea in the relaxation room.
3 hours treatment

Hammam, face and low-cut neckline gommage, toner, nourishing cream.

A delicate but thorough cleansing of the face using the soothing properties of lavender. This treatment will gently exfoliate the skin preparing it to receive the summer sunlight for a perfect tan. Thanks to the softening properties of lavender the treatment can be repeated multiple times in order to encourage cell turnover.
The traditional Hammam will be followed by an exfoliating lavender flowers scrub of face, neck and décolleté to remove impurities and naturally smooth the skin. A refreshing lavender tonic is then applied in order to close the skin pores. The treatment is finalized applying a nourishing cream that reassembles the tissues. The treatment is suitable for sensitive skin.
2 hours treatment

Hammam - cane sugar and sandalwood oil face and body vitalizing gommage.

After the passage in the "frigidarium", at the end of the classic Hammam, a scrub will be performed for both the body and the face with cane sugar and sandalwood oil. The softening properties of brown sugar will provide intense exfoliation and nourishing, while the heating properties of sandalwood will help to loosen tense muscles and improve circulation thanks to a beneficial draining effect. The notes of this precious wood, known since ancient times for its virtues, will accompany you along the way giving you an incredibly smooth skin. At the end complimentary mint tea in the relaxation room.
2 hours treatment

Hammam - "matcha" green tea clay body mask - birch draining treatment.

Following the traditional hammam, after peeling and exfoliation, the skin is ready to receive the benefits of the white clay body mask and green tea. The matcha green tea is rich in valuable substances, including the theobromine alkaloid which penetrates into the deep layers of the dermis promoting the elimination of excess fat and stimulating the blood circulation. This valuable treatment is followed by a draining treatment of birch essential oil whose active ingredients promote lymphatic drainage and efficiently reduce fluid retention. The skin will look toned and purified again. At the end complimentary green tea in the relaxation room.
2 hours treatment

Hammam - Dead Sea and peppermint body gommage - hydrating treatment and Aloe bracing lotion.

Classic Hammam full treatment followed by a special package for rejuvenating the skin based on Dead Sea salts and peppermint. The scrub with Dead Sea salts allows you to purify and detoxify the skin in depth. The treatment optimizes the oxygen contribution to the cells and effectively remineralises the tissues preventing water retention. Along with peppermint it produces a cooling effect that reactivates blood circulation and skin toning. After the final step in the frigidarium the cooling effect is completed with a treatment with a hydrating mousse and Aloe bracing lotion.
2 hours treatment

Hammam - Rassoul Clay facial mask - Mosqueta Rosehip oil massage (face and body).

LThe Hammam practice has positive effects on mood, it removes stress and fatigue and improves blood circulation. The peeling promotes skin renewal by removing dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and radiant. The Rhassoul Clay face mask, diluted with rose water, has a purifying and soothing effect and is suitable for all skin types. After a refreshing break in the "frigidarium", you will be ready for the face and body massage with Mosqueta Rosehip oil. This natural oil, known for its regenerating properties, is known to combat skin imperfections on the face and body, giving radiance and firmness to the skin.
3 hours treatment

Hammam - Rassoul Clay body mask - Karitè (Shea) Butter massage.

This path involves the traditional hammam treatment with the addition of Rassoul clay body treatment. Applied after the scrub, it is ideal for tissue regeneration, leaving the skin of the body naturally purified. After the passage in the "frigidarium" you will be ready for the massage with shea butter. A true elixir of beauty, this natural product, enriched with Argan oil, has exceptional properties that keep the skin soft and supple ensuring the necessary intake of vitamins A, D, E, and F.
3 hours treatment

Hammam - green clay face and body - Argan Oil face and body.

The Argan Oil is called "liquid gold" for its exceptional anti-aging properties. This rare and precious oil is applied to the face and body with a wrapping massage at the end of the Hammam. The Rhassoul clay treatment on face and body prepares and cleanses the tissues to absorb the oil, which is non-greasy and is quickly absorbed. The Argan Oil completes the range of benefits of natural products of Acquamadre. Complimentary infusions and herbal teas in the relaxation area.
3 hours treatment



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